Airtel 4G Hotspot – How to Access the High-Speed Internet

Airtel 4G hotspot is one of the best wireless routers designed for subscribers who need super-fast internet. Virtually every network in Nigeria has a wireless hotspot device and each offers their respective perks.

As you would expect, Airtel 4G MiFis and routers are portable devices. This makes it usable anywhere and anytime. You can carry the wireless device on your pocket while on transit and even use it in your office and at home. But these are not the only benefits of the hotspot device. The device offers much more awesome features.

Airtel 4G hotspot

Top Features of Airtel 4G Hotspot

With Airtel 4G hotspot, you can access a lot more awesome features than on smartphones.

Firstly, the wireless device comes preloaded with a free data volume of 60GB and this data volume can be used within 30 days.

This is a powerful device that gives you the leverage of super-connectivity. With Airtel MiFi, you can connect to about 10 WiFi-enabled devices all at the same time. WiFi-enabled devices that could be connected to the hotspot include laptops, game consoles, handsets, smart TVs and so on.

Moreover, the connection is even made easier with the device’s WPS push button. The push button is not available in older versions but it is included in the newer versions.

Like every hotspot device, Airtel 4G hotspot is battery-powered. Unlike some other MiFis Airtel hotspot has a strong battery that could last for 8 hours. This means that you could use the device on battery throughout the day’s work without any need to charge it.

Other Points to Note About Airtel 4G Hotspot

Furthermore, Airtel 4G hotspot benefits from the exceptional speed of Airtel 4G. In other words, you will be able to browse and surf the internet at high speed with the device. This could be very beneficial if you are operating in areas with 4G connectivity.

However, in areas without 4G connectivity, the device can also work on the 3G network.

Apart from the huge 60GB data that comes with the MiFi, you will get a bonus data of 4GB when you insert a new Airtel SIM to the device. Moreover, you will also enjoy double data for the first three months.

Airtel 4G hotspot is the ultimate way to go for Airtel users. You can subscribe on the device by buying data through One Touch or Airtel Self-care. Note that Airtel MiFi is not the same as Airtel router, though they offer similar features. While the MiFi costs N20,000, the router costs N25,000. However, you can connect to 32 WiFi-enabled devices at once with the router.


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