Airtel 20x bonus code and subscription — more talk time on recharges

At a time when call credit is highly held in regards and airtime purchase seems an ill-conceived doing, the Airtel 20x recharge bonus could be a necessary resort.

Airtel Nigeria is currently the third largest telecommunication operator in Nigeria (by number of subscribers) after being displaced from second spot few years ago by Globacom. Their enormous eight digit subscriber numbers goes to show how influential the operator has been over the years.

Airtel 20x bonus

If there’s one single doing the Airtel brand is much known for in Nigeria, it is cheap call offers. Unlike Globacom which has continued to float its franchise on a strong ‘affordable data branding‘, the Airtel marketing strategy dwells in offering a value-packed call and as well data services. Like the MTN brand, which in recent times have been sketchy with their givings, Airtel tries to create a symmetry between its call and data service plans. And they have been successful in staying relatively afloat of other major telecom operators with their call time offers.

Eligibility: This offer is SIM selective

The Airtel 20x bonus comes with a clause: it works only on selected SIM cards. SIM cards which has been kept dormant for about a month or more would likely be able to activate the offer. A dormant SIM card is one in which usage activities like calls (incoming or outgoing), SMS (incoming or outgoing) and data hasn’t been engaged for about 30 days.

Airtel Nigeria

The offer was initiated by the carrier as a lure to welcome back inert subscribers once again towards the network. As such its name: Airtel 20x win back recharge bonus.

Airtel 20x bonus: Case of outrageous call rates

There have been complaints about the bonus being charged at an inflated rate, making it more or less unworthy of its purpose.

Exorbitant charges from bonus accounts is common of all the carriers in the country and paraventure as it is being reported, it finds its place in this offer, it shouldn’t come as any surprise. Nevertheless, if after this rate is charged and there’s no commendable value in bonus to serve its purpose of reliving a dormant subscriber, the bundle is non-fulfilling of its intended purpose.

The 20x airtime bonus in details

The workings of the Airtel 20x bonus is simple. After recharging your mobile line to any denomination of choice, dial the USSD code respective of the particular bundle you need:

PriceBonus Amount gottenActivation code

After dialing any of the above codes, a successful activation suggests the eligibility of your SIM card. Transversely, if you aren’t eligible for this offer, a notification bearing your ineligibility status would pop up.

airtel network

Duration and other details of the offer

This bonus offer is valid for only 30 days, although multiple subscriptions could be made within that month. It is yet still unsure whether this generous gift offer would subsist on a particular line for a long while, however, it is believed the offer would last a period of three months after first recharge of the erstwhile dormant line.

To confirm a purchased plan, or to check its remaining value after use, dial *223#.

Other similar call offers from Airtel

The list of all current tariff plans from Airtel might be indispensable in gleaning a choice call plan with favourable calling rates. The task of analysing the calling benefits of all the plans was nevertheless carried out all for your benefit. Accessing the cheapest tariff plans webpage and sliding down towards the ‘Airtel cheapest call rates’ sub-heading, the list of the cheapest calling plans are there outlined.

airtel 20x bonus

International calling is another niche in which the Airtel brand continues to lay tint on its branding. The international calling bundles and rates obtainable on the Airtel network is affordable. Their roaming charges are also considerate. Meanwhile, with the operator’s SmartRoam offer, subscribers stand to enjoy free roaming call minutes in five destinations. This offer is seldomly obtained with other operators.


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