A Synoptic Comparison of MTN and Glo Data Plans

MTN and Glo

The twenty-first century cannot be explicitly defined without talking about the internet. Communications, trade, transactions and even education are mainly carried out online today. However, these are not possible without a vital connection stream known as network data.

The data market in Nigeria is one of the biggest markets in the country and undoubtedly the biggest in Africa. It comprises mainly MTN Nigeria, Globacom Nigeria, Etisalat Nigeria, Airtel Nigeria and so forth. However, MTN and Globacom (Glo for short) are the two notable names, making them a center stage for this discussion.

Several comparisons have been made on these two giants especially as it relates to their call rates, customer services, response time, perks and benefits and so on. But very few of these comparisons relate to their data services.

A Brief Look at MTN and Glo Data Plans
The data services offered by these two mobile giants are remarkably different from each other. Interestingly, several Nigerians have come to associate MTN with value and Glo with quantity. In other words, Globacom Nigeria is notable for offering cheap data plans but their services are not always satisfactory. This is mainly because of their relatively weak network services across the country. On the other hand, MTN data plans are relatively costly but generally more reliable.

For instance, currently, Globacom Nigeria offers a whopping 30GB for merely 5,000 NGN; on the other hand, MTN Nigeria offers only 10GB for an equivalent sum of money. Nonetheless, most users still prefer MTN over Glo simply because of the latter’s poor services. Of course, this does not connote that Globacom’s services are generally bad. The services may be reliable in some major cities but their coverage cannot be said to be all-encompassing.


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