9mobile ValueMax – a Cheaper Data Plan

9mobile data plans are not so cheap but 9mobile ValueMax makes the difference. As a matter of fact, the standard 9mobile data plan is the costliest of all telecom data plans in Nigeria.

MTN and Airtel N1,000 data plans offer a data volume of 1.5GB and Glo offers 1.8GB for the same amount in its standard data plans. However, for 9mobile, the N1,000 standard data plan offers 1GB.

If you want to get a better data rate and volume in 9mobile, you should consider opting for 9mobile ValueMax.  

9mobile valuemax

Why 9mobile ValueMax is the Best Option

9mobile ValueMax offers monthly data for much lower costs. Just like the standard data plans, ValueMax can be used at any time of the day.

ValueMax includes six data plans, with each offering awesome data benefits and features. For each of the data plans, you can use some of the data at any time of the day (all times) and the rest at the off-peak period (basically from 11pm to 5.59am).

ValueMax Data Overview

The 9mobile ValueMax N1,000 plan offers 1.5GB; you can use 1GB of the data at all times but the rest 500MB at only off-peak periods. You can subscribe by dialing *544*1*3#.

Also, ValueMax N2,000 offers a total of 3.5GB ( 1GB addition on the standard data plan of the same cost). However, 2GB of the data can be used for all times and the remaining 1.5GB at the off-peak period. To subscribe, dial *544*2*3#.

Furthermore, N3,500 ValueMax offers 6.5GB total data. While 4.5GB of the data can be used anytime, the remaining 2GB can only be used during off-peak hours. You can subscribe by dialing *544*3*3#.

If you are a heavy internet surfer but prefer to keep things a bit moderate, you should try ValueMax N8,000 plan. This plan offers a whopping 16GB data with 8GB available for all time and the rest 8GB available off-peak. Dial *544*4*1# to subscribe to this plan.

The N10,000 VaueMax plan is a great plan for heavy data users. It offers 22GB data with 10GB available for any time usage and 12GB available for off-peak usage, dial *544*4*2# to subscribe.  If you are a heavier data user and intend to get an even bigger plan, you should try the 9mobile ValueMax N18,000 data plan. This plan offers a mindblowing 42GB, with 20GB available for all time and 22GB available off-peak. To subscribe, dial *544*4*3# to subscribe.

Here is an overview of the data plans.

9mobile valuemax data plan

Don’t get stuck on costly 9mobile data when you can get it for far less. 9mobile ValueMax is the easy, cost-effective, and affordable way to go. With ValueMax, you can get data for a much lower cost than you ever imagined. The higher the data cost, the more the cost-effectiveness.


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