9mobile Tariff plans 2020 – unique for calls & data

9mobile is Nigeria’s 4th ranked telecom operator (in terms of subscriber strength). In a comprehensive review, we bring to notice the call and data packages offered by this unique operator. Read on to learn expressly about the 9mobile tariff plans 2020!

9mobile still count loses

In 2013, 9mobile Nigeria (then Etisalat Nigeria) acquired a loan to the tune of $1.2 billion from 13 separate banks. Failing to repay back the loan necessited it’s then owners, Emerging Markets Telecommunication Services Limited (EMTS), to pull its business off Nigeria in June 2017. The UAE firm had to leave behind all of the company’s infrastructure and for an agreed timespan, its branding, in exchange for the total clearance of the depts. The consortium of banks briskly set up a transition management to get the telecom firm running once again. In 2018, after a lengthy bidding process supervised by the NCC, Teleology acquired the network operator. It is posited that a $251 million sum was repaid the consortium of banks from the proceeds of acquisition.


The telecom operator has been on a rejig and redefining spree, and recently in August 2019, the telecom company obtained a $230million loan facility from the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC) to boost its infrastructure. The infrastructural development, the company hopes would change the declining trajectory of the once popular telecom carrier.

A subscriber report earlier this year shows that the telecom operator has consistently been on a receding path. Facing-off with resolute competitors in the other three main operators while at the bottom hasn’t been 9mobile’s good game to play. In fact, 2019 was the company’s biggest nightmare. The telco started January 2019 with 16,385,317 subscribers and by December, the numbers downsized to 13,641,995.

While the 9mobile franchise had a regrettable year, the three other telcos had a field day in the embodiment of a year! Market leader, MTN Nigeria, added 2,097,256 subscribers to it’s network in 2019 to retain its dominant share with 68,762,634 subscribers (as at December 2019).

Similarly, Globacom retained its second spot in the Nigerian telecom space after adding 6,096,414 subscribers last year. The indigenous brand ended the year with 51,700,052 subscribers up from 45,603,638 it had in January. Not left behind in the increment trail, Airtel Nigeria cemented its third spot by ending 2019 with 50,186,988 subscribers up from 44,970,973 it had in January that same year.

2020 hasn’t proved any better for 9mobile as the telco continues to be on the losing end unlike the other three competitors. In a february report by the NCC, the telco’s subscriber base stood at 7.9 million. Within this time, MTN added about 2 million subscribers to its service to gain a 38.7 percent of the market. Globacom, the second largest telco, and Airtel also made similar gains.

Despite adversing realities, 9mobile still offers to its remaining subscribers some unique tariff packages. Listed below are the refreshed plans enumerated with their elaborate details.

9mobile tariff plans 2020

9mobile Tariff Plans 2020 – The full list

PlanCall rateMigration code
CliqueLite40 – 20k/s*244*10#
moreCliq50k/s & 40k/s*244*1#
TalkZoneBased on location*244*8#
MoreFlex40k/sActivated after subscription of it’s bundle
MoreFlex Plus45k/s*320#
MoreLife Complete15k/s*620*1#
MoreTalk40k/s to 25k/s*244*2#

9mobile CliqLite

This tariff plan is intentionally provided for children within the age class of 8 to 15 years. The package offers parental functions exclusive of all other tariff plans from the carrier.

The parental control feature grants parents the ability to block incoming calls, as well as to restrict the young ones from accessing certain websites and apps. To blacklist a website, simply dial *257*1#. Alternatively, to add a number to the white list, simply dial *256*1#.

In general, to activate the data protection feature, dial *229*11#, and to accept the protection feature from the kid’s smartphone, send YES to 929.

With CliqLite, 9mobile dishes out a free SMS gift for every billed sms, as well as a free one minute calltime for every 5 minutes call from other networks. Other bonus offers include a 10MB data gift to browse any site & free access to browse 6 educational sites, 1 game site & 1 social site upon a N100 weekly recharge.

9mobile tariff plans 2020 — Cliqlite

In terms of pricing and tariffs, the package is average. After expending about N25 in any new day on calls charged at 40k/s, the tariff drops from 40k/sec to 20k/sec, if calls are to fellow cliqlite numbers; 25k/sec, if calls are to 9mobile lines; and 30k/ sec, if calls are to other networks. To better understand how extravagant the N25 clause is, I calculated how many minutes N25 will deliver on a 40k/s rate — it gave 1 minute, 2 ½ seconds of talktime.

National SMS to either 9mobile lines or other networks are rationalized at ₦4/message, while, international SMS are charged ₦15/ message. Multimedia messages are charged ₦100/message, and facebook updates – MMS uploads to facebook gallery gets you into paying ₦50/100kb. For users convenient with browsing from airtime credits, the PAYG rate is 5k per kilobyte.

The plan has an optional cliqlite tablet which comes bundled with educational contents including approved primary, junior & senior secondary school textbooks, wikipedia app, okada books, dictionary, sounds (pronunciation app), typing tutor & spell me right amonst others, all to the education of the child.

To migrate into CliqLite, dial *244*10#.


The moreCliq tariff plan is a youth-centric package that offers unique bonuses to 9mobile users subscribed to it. A N100 recharge gives you two independent set of bonuses: the 250% and the 300% giftings.

The 250% bonus on every recharge of ₦100 & above bonus is used for on-net (9mobile to 9mobile) & off-net (9mobile to other networks) calls, with the airtime bonus doled out for each in the ratio of 50:50. For recharges less than ₦100, customer wouldn’t be offered a 250% bonus this time, but rather, a 150% bonus.

The 350% airtime bonus on every recharge of ₦100 & above, much unlike the one earlier discussed, is only usable on on-net calls. With the 350% bonus, recharges of less than ₦100 will give 250% bonus for on-net calls only.

All bonuses are valid for 3days only.

Aside call reliefs, there are also data incentives offered on the plan. Migration to moreCliq affords you the benefit of a 100% data bonus on selected data plans purchased (40MB -500MB). This data bonus could only be used in the evening from 11:00PM – 4:59AM daily.

Cliq of d night, social me daily, social me weekly, and social me monthly are data bundles accessible only on the moreCliq plan. To access bonus bonuses, dial *545#.

Tariffs are as follows:

  • 50k/sec on the 350% bonus option
  • 40k/sec from the 250% bonus option & main account
  • ₦4/message for national SMS to on-net & other networks.
  • ₦15/ message for int’l SMS & to update your facebook application wall/blog/status
  • MMS uploads to facebook gallery @₦50 per 100kb.

To migrate to moreCliq, dial *244*1#.

9mobile Tariff plans 2020 — TalkZone

With the 9mobile talkzone, you get dynamically adjusted call rate which go as low as 12k/s.

Calls to other 9mobile line are discounted up to 80%. Off peak (12:30am – 4:30am) calls are charged at a rate of 12k/s, while calls made at times other than those above are charged at a rate based on your location. Dial *551# to access the tariff in your location.

9mobile tariff plans 2020 — calls and data benefits

Other features of the package include a a call cost and applicable discount notification by a flash message on your phone screen when you initiate a call.

National SMS are at ₦4/message to both on-net and other networks; int’l SMS at ₦15/message; MMS at ₦100/message; and PAYG is at 5k per kilobyte.

With the 9mobile TalkZone, there are no applicable daily access fees. To subscribe, dial *244*8#

9mobile Tariff plans 2020 — MoreFlex

The 9moble MoreFlex plan gives you more airtime value (up to 300%) upon subscription to any of it’s bundles. For this plan, on & off net calls are charged at 40k/sec, SMS at ₦4 per message, MMS at ₦100 per message, and pay as you go data at 0.002k per kilobyte.

With MoreFlex, you also enjoy free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 10 countries when you recharge ₦5,000 & above within a month.

The following are the available moreFlex bundles one needs to subscribe to:

  • moreflex 500 gives N1500 airtime value. Dial *344*500# to activate at a cost of ₦500 valid for 7 days
  • moreflex 1000 gives N3000 airtime value. Dial *344*1000# to activate at a cost of ₦1000 valid for 14 days
  • moreflex 2000 gives N2000 airtime value. Dial *344*2000# to activate at a cost of ₦2000 valid for 30 days
  • moreflex 5000 gives a N12500 airtime value at a cost of ₦5000 valid for 30 days
  • moreflex 10000 gives a N32500 airtime value. Dial *344*10000# to activate at a cost of ₦10000 valid for 30 days
  • moreflex 20000 gives an airtime value of N62500. Dial *344*20000# to activate at a cost of ₦20000 valid for 30 days

To opt into a bundle dial *344*amount#; to check your balance dial *232#; to opt out of a bundle dial *344*0#

MoreFlex Plus

9mobile moreFlex Plus is similar to the moreFlex plan except that the moreFlex+ offers both airtime and data bonus, while the moreFlex doesn’t. Another disimilarity is in the call tariff rate. While the moreFlex has a 40k/s call rate, the moreFlex+ has a higher rate at 45k/s.

9mobile moreFlex plus

The moreFlex Plus has only three bundles (500, 1000, 2000 Naira) with validity of 7, 14 and 30 days respectively:

  • The 500 Naira plan gives 500MB + 1000 Naira airtime bonus. Dial *320*1*1# to subscribe.
  • The 1000 Naira bundle gives 1.5GB + 2000 Naira airtime bonus. Dial *320*2*1# to subscribe.
  • The 2000 Naira plan gives 3GB + 4000 Naira call credit. Dial *320*3*1# to subscribe to it.

Dial *320# to migrate to moreflex plus.

9mobile Tariff plans 2020 — MoreLife Complete

The tariff plan offers to all subscribers an ofnet/on-net call flat rate of 15k/s. Calls to selected 7 international destinations (USA, UK, Canada, China, India, Germany & Malaysia) are at 15k/s.

This package comes with an access fee though. A daily token of ₦5 is deducted upon initiation of calls. However, the telco says that for a 20 days deduction of the access fee within a calendar month, subscribers will be granted a 15 minutes free data & 15 minutess free on net calls every month.

Aside these benefit, there is free incoming calls while roaming on selected networks in 10 countries when you recharge ₦5,000 & above within a month.

Other benefits of the package include:

  • National SMS to on-net & other networks at ₦4/message
  • intl SMS at ₦15/message
  • Send MMS at ₦100/ message
  • PAYG at 5k per kilobyte

To opt into the plan, dial *620*1# or send 1 to 620.


The moreTalk package packs several unique features that positively influences mobile calling.

One of such is it’s ‘receiver pays’ function. It allows a subscriber to make calls even when he/she doesn’t have airtime while the receiver pays for the calls.

To try this out, dial 268 before the number you want to call e.g: 2680809xxxxxxx. This would prompt the receiver to either pay for the initiated call or end it.

Other features of the moreTalk include:

  • Voice calls (all network) tariff drops from 40k/sec to 25k/sec upon the use of ₦25 a day
  • National SMS is charged at ₦4/message, int’l SMS at ₦15/message
  • MMS is charged at ₦100/ message, while PAYG is at 5k per kilobyte
  • ₦300 free for a week to call five ‘you & me
  • ‘ 9mobile numbers when you recharge ₦200 or get ₦100 if you recharge ₦100 for a week.
    • dial *233*1*[9mobile number]# to register a number
    • dial*233*2*[9mobile number]# to remove a number
    • dial *233# to list your ‘you & me’ numbers
  • 10mb weekly after a N100 recharge.

Dial *244*2# to opt in to MoreTalk!

9mobile Tariff plans 2020 — End Note

It doesn’t matter which tariff package you subscribe to, what matters is that it soothes your intentions. 9mobile might not be the best of brands, however its longstanding unique plans shows that the telco still has its customers needs at heart.

It should be noted that migration to any of the listed tariff plans above is free, however, multiple migration within 30 days attracts a N100 charge.


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