Flex More with Great Benefits on 9mobile MoreFlex

9mobile MoreFlex lives up to its name – it allows you to flex more! If you are looking for an all-in-one bundle plan for SMS, voice and PAYG service, here is it. With MoreFlex, 9mobile offers a revolutionary plan, allowing its subscribers to enjoy mind-blowing benefits on its robust and strong network.

9mobile moreflex

What Makes 9mobile MoreFlex Awesome?

MoreFlex bundles data plans in one place for easy accessibility, flexibility, and other interesting benefits. This makes it possible to enjoy unbeatable data, voice, and SMS all in one place.

Also, MoreFlex offers more value. You can get up to 300% or more value on the bundles associated with MoreFlex. As if that is not enough, if you buy higher bundles (200, 300, 500 and 1000 bundles), you will still get an additional 20% bonus.

Furthermore, on MoreFlex, you can enjoy free incoming calls when roaming. This is applicable to 10 countries and provided you recharge up to N5,000.

New subscribers on 9mobile MoreFlex can enjoy double data in addition to the 300% extra value on recharging their 9mobile line.

Tariff Options on 9mobile MoreFlex

There are six tariff options available on 9mobile MoreFlex. These include MoreFlex 500, MoreFlex 1000, MoreFlex 2000, MoreFlex 5000, MoreFlex 10000, and MoreFlex 20000.

As you can expect, MoreFlex 500 gives a value of N1500 but costs N500, MoreFlex 1000 gives N3,000 and costs N1,000 and a similar 3X value trend applies to other tariff options. You can activate the plan by dialing *344*BUNDLE AMOUNT#.

For instance, to activate MoreFlex 500, dial *344*500#, and for MoreFlex 1000, dial *344*1000# and so on. While MoreFlex 500 is valid for 7 days and MoreFlex 1000 for 14 days, other MoreFlex tariff options are valid for 30 days.

Here is an overview of the tariff options:

moreflex table tariff options

As much as it is easy to migrate to 9mobile MoreFlex, it is equally easy to opt-out. To opt-out, simply dial *344*0# and to check your balance, dial *232#.


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