Voice and Data Benefits On 9mobile Moreflex Plus

9mobile moreflex plus ushers in a new way to enjoy both airtime and data on the 9mobile platform. Each of the three moreflex plus bundle options offers huge voice and data volumes. Subscribers can call all networks with the voice value while the data value can be used to browse, stream and surf the internet.

9mobile moreflex plus

9mobile Moreflex Plus 500

Looking for the cheapest 9mobile moreflex plus bundle? the moreflex plus 500 is probably what you need. As the name implies, this moreflex bundle costs N500 but it offers a lot of call credits and data.

With moreflex plus 500, you will get 500MB of data and N1,000 call credit. The data volume and airtime are valid for 7 days and you can subscribe to this bundle by dialing *320*1*1#.

moreflex plus bundles

More flex Plus 1000

Moreflex plus 1000 offers even more data volume and call credit and as the name implies, it costs N1,000.

This bundle offers 1.5GB of data and N2,000 air time. The airtime and data volume are valid for 14 days (2 weeks) and you can subscribe to the bundle by dialing *320*2*1#.

More flex Plus 2000

If you wish to enjoy even more data volume and call credit, you can go for the 9mobile moreflex plus 2000. This moreflex plus bundle is exactly as its name implies, it costs N2,000.

Furthermore, the moreflex plus 2000 offers 3GB data volume and N4,000 call credit and it is valid for 30 days. You can subscribe to the bundle by dialing *320*3*1#.

Other Features of the moreflex Plus Bundle

With 9mobile moreflex plus airtime, you can make both local and international calls. You can also enjoy other services like SMS and PAYG with the airtime value.

If you wish to migrate to the moreflex plus bundle, dial *320# and to check your balance dial *232#. Furthermore, 9mobile allows you to opt-out of the moreflex plus bundle anytime you wish to do so. To do this, simply dial *344*0# and you can even migrate to any other 9mobile pre-paid package such as morelife complete, moretalk, and talkzone.

In conclusion, 9mobile moreflex plus offers a lot of call and data benefits and it is also a flexible bundle. It is an ideal plan for subscribers who need extra data and airtime. Dial *320# to take advantage of the rich features provided by moreflex plus today.


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