How Does 9mobile MoreBusiness 2.0 Work?

9mobile morebusiness 2.0 is a flexible package for small and medium businesses designed to offer great value at affordable prices. You stand a chance to enjoy freebies such as free add-ons and free incoming calls from several international destinations.

Apart from its unlimited add-ons, 9mobile MoreBusiness 2.0 also offers bundled plans. The plans are also easy to customize, allowing subscribers to get exactly what they want.

more business benefits

9Mobile MoreBusiness 2.0 Benefits

Morebusiness 2.0 is optimized to offer businesses several benefits. These include bundled plans, unlimited add-ons, and free incoming calls when roaming.

9mobile provides a lot of add-on services and these services can be harnessed through the voice and data bundles. You can even customize your plan to get exactly what you want. The bundled service offers a lot of cost-saving benefits.

Also, 9mobile Morebusiness 2.0 offers add-on solutions like CUG, insurance plan, international call bundle, and even chat pack. Businesses can also benefit from morebusiness’ free add-ons which include 20 SMS, 5 business tips, etc.

While roaming in select countries like UK, UAE, South Africa, Spain, Kenya, etc, Morebusiness 2.0 provides free incoming calls on recharge of N5,000 and above for a month.

How to Subscribe to 9mobile MoreBusiness 2.0

Migration in and out of the 9mobile bundle is free. There are 8 pricing or tariff options available in MoreBusiness and each has a validity period of 30 days.

9mobile morebusiness 2.0

MoreBusiness 1000

As the name implies, MoreBusiness 1000 has a bundle cost of N1,000. It offers a 70-minute voice call and 750MB data. You can activate this bundle by dialing *246*4*24#.

MoreBusiness 2000

This bundle is twice the value of MoreBusiness 1000. It goes for N2,000 and offers 150 minutes of voice calls and 1.5GB data. The bundle is valid for 30 days and can be activated by dialing *246*4*21#.

You can also opt for the voice call-only bundle. The MoreBusiness 2000 (V) offers 300 minutes at a bundle cost of N2,000. You can activate this option by dialing *246*4*26#.

MoreBusiness 5000

With 300 minutes voice call and 5GB data, MoreBusiness 5000 is designed for bigger SMEs that need a bit more data. As the name implies, the bundle costs N5000 and can be activated by dialing *246*4*22#.

MoreBusiness 10000

Looking for a bigger morebusiness bundle? MoreBusiness 10000 is probably your go-to plan. The bundle costs N10,000 but offers 650 minutes voice call and 10GB data. Like other morebusiness plans, it is valid for 30 days and it can be activated by dialing *243*4*23#.

Staff 1000 – Voice and Data

The Staff 1000 plan allows you to get morebusiness features on your business number. You can go for the staff 1000 (data) or the staff 1000 (voice). The voice-only option offers 150 minutes voice bundle while the data option offers 70 mins voice call and 750MB data bundle. You can subscribe to the voice-only plan by dialing *264*4*business number*21#. For the data option, dial *246*4*business number*22# to subscribe.

Staff CUG (Closed User Group) XS

You can also customize your morebusiness plan just for a closed user group, morebusiness staff CUG is the right plan for this. This bundle costs N1,000 but offers about 65 minutes for national calls only. You can subscribe by dialing *246*4*executive MSISDN*23#.

morebusiness subscribe

In conclusion, 9mobile morebusiness 2.0 is a great plan for small businesses. It offers interesting features, flexibility, and a slew of add-ons. You can even receive free calls while roaming. You can check your voice call balance by dialing *228#. To check your data balance, dial *228#.


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