A review of 9mobile moreblaze Data Plan

Most telecoms in Nigeria reviewed their data prices in late 2019; although 9mobile’s review came a bit later, the moreblaze data plan has recently been reviewed. In fact, the 9mobile moreblaze has got a lot better with higher data volumes and better internet quality.

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9mobile moreblaze

9mobile Moreblaze Monthly Plans

Looking for huge data? The moreblaze 75GB monthly plan could be exactly what you need. This one-month data plan costs N15,000 and you can purchase it by dialing *229*2*4#. It also comes with a free night streaming benefit.

Other monthly data plans include the moreblaze 40GB data plan, 15GB data plan, 11GB data plan, and 4.5GB data plan, and each of these plans come with a free night streaming feature.

Here is a breakdown of the monthly data plans and their respective prices.

moreblaze monthly

If you need plans with lower data volumes, the 9mobile moreblaze has got you covered as well. You can go for the 3GB plan at N1,500, 2GB plan at N1,200, N1.5GB plan at N1,000, and 500MB plan at N500.

An overview of these data plans is shown below.

9mobile moreblaze monthly

Moreblaze daily plan

9mobile has also revamped its moreblaze daily data plans. Each daily data plan now comes with a social component. In other words, when you purchase the data plans, you will be able to assess your favorite social networks (including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram) free of charge.

For the weekly plan, you can go for the 7-day plan, 3-day plan or 24-hour plan.

9mobile offers three 7-day plans – the 7GB for N1,500 plan, the 1GB for N500 plan, and 250MB for N200 plan. There is only one 3-day plan – the 2GB plan for N500 and there are four 24-hour plans – a 1GB plan, a 650MB plan, a 100MB plan, and a 25MB plan.

The plans are shown in the figure below.

daily plan
9mobile moreblaze daily

9mobile moreblaze Night and Weekend Plans

Moreblaze also offers three night and weekend data plans including a night data plan and two weekend data plans.

If you want to browse all through the night from 12 am to 5 am, the 1GB night plan could be a great option for you. This plan costs N200 and is valid for 24 hours. You can subscribe by dialing *229*3*11#.

The weekend plans include a 2GB plan and a 5GB plan, both valid for 30 days and are usable during evening hours and weekends from 7 pm to 7 am. The 2GB plan costs N1,000 and you can subscribe by dialing *229*3*12# while the 5GB plan costs N2,000 and you can subscribe by dialing *229*3*13#.

night plans

In conclusion, with 9mobile moreblaze, you can also get a 50% data bonus on purchasing a higher data plan provided you do so within the validity period of your existing data plan. Dial *200*3*1# to get started with moreblaze today.