How To Win Big on 9mobile Mega Millions Promo

Just a few days after Glo released its cashback loyalty program, 9mobile announced the mega millions promo. Like the Glo cashback program, 9mobile mega millions promo is a recharge-based program that rewards winners with millions of naira in benefits.

mega millions recharge

Subscribers stand a chance to win from N1 million to N10 million in the hourly and monthly prizes. This offer is available to all 9mobile prepaid subscribers – including postpaid hybrid subscribers.

9Mobile Mega Millions Promo Daily and Hourly Prizes

mega millions daily 9mobile

Subscribers can win prizes every day in 9mobile mega millions promo. You can even win prizes every hour. To win hourly prizes, you need to recharge at least N200 every hour.

Of all the subscribers, only two persons can win the hourly prize of smartphones each hour. The more you recharge, the greater your chance of winning the prize.

You also stand a chance to win the grand daily prize of N1,000,000. This offer is available to just one person per day. To qualify for the daily prize, you are required to recharge at least N1,000 per day. Both single and cumulative daily recharges are allowed.

A subscriber can win both the hourly and daily prizes several times.

9mobile Mega Millions Promo Grand Prize

9mobile mega millions grand prize

The mega millions promo’s grand prize, a sum of N10 million can be won by a lucky 9mobile customer at the end of the promo. To qualify for the grand prize, you need to recharge at least N10,000 every month consecutively for the three-month duration of the promo. The more you recharge, the higher your chance of winning the grand prize.

How to Qualify for the Promo

This is a recharge-based promo and so you qualify when you reach the recharge limit. You are required to recharge up to N200 per hour to qualify for the hourly prize, N1,000 per day for the daily prize, and N10,000 per month for three months to qualify for the grand prize.

All recharges are accepted in the promo. In other words, recharges via vouchers, e-topup, and airtime purchased through banks can qualify. Also, both new and existing 9mobile prepaid customers can access the promo.

The promo is open for 3 months (90 days).

Additional Benefits for 9mobile New Customers

New 9mobile customers do not only stand a chance to win big in the promo but they can enjoy huge bonuses when they recharge their lines. A recharge of N100 to N499 will attract a bonus of N500 while the first recharge of N500 and above will attract N500 and 1GB bonus.

In addition, new customers will enjoy 100% data bonuses for the next 12 months. So, you will get double any amount of data you recharged.

Conclusively, 9mobile mega millions promo offers huge bonuses and prizes. You stand a chance to win smartphones and millions of naira in the 3-month promo. Besides, additional benefits are also available for new customers.


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