9Mobile eSIM Details, Device and Activation

One of the leading telecomunication service providers in Nigeria, 9mobile, have unveiled a new virtual SIM card — the 9mobile eSIM.

The telecom operator which is currently managed by Alan Sinfield joins industry leader, MTN in floating the novel technology in Nigeria. For several years after its takeover and subsequent name change, the 9mobile franchise has found it hard being in a comfortable competition with the three other major telecom operators. A year-on analysis shows that the telecom operator has consistently been shedding its subscriber numbers.

To interrupt this trend, 9mobile as its way of retaining subscribers and possibly attract numerous others have brought in many promos. Popular among them is the ongoing 9mobile mega millon promo. In addition to this, the new foray into the eSIM project would bolster the declining reputation of the operator.

What is an eSIM

An eSIM or embedded SIM card is a new kind of the subscriber identification module (SIM) which as its name suggests is embedded into a device’s motherboard. The device could be a supported wristwatch, vehicle systems or smartphones.

The size of these permanently embedded SIM cards are comparatively half the size of the smallest nano SIM, thereby being of advantage to device manufacturers who are constantly developing models which are sleek and lightweight. The size isn’t the only advantage of an eSIM. Its embedded nature enables it to withstand shocks and vibrations thereby making it a more effective option for smart cars and moveable devices which are exposed to vibrations. What it then promote by virtue of this capability is that more devices would be offered the benefit of going intelligent. More cars would get to become intelligent and with it would come diverse flexibility.

With an eSIM, a user is literally able to switch between operators to another without having to do away with the SIM. All a user needs to do is to check-in at a recognised store of mobile carrier he/she uses. Thereafter he/she has to request the profile particular for the said operator and follow their outlined procedure to install it on a supported device.

If one intends to do away with his/her eSIM profile, all that is needed is to erase it from the virtual SIM through the phone’s settings and this takes less time compared with a similar convention practiced with physical SIM cards. There’s also the benefit of adding multiple profiles to a single eSIM, however, that isn’t available at the moment. eSIM supported smartphones presently allow for only one single profile at a time.

Porting and roaming would be made unnecessary with the full implementation of this technology. What would be the need of submitting oneself to a time-consuming porting process when such could be done individually within few minutes with an eSIM supported device. Travelers would also be spared the cost of paying for roaming if this comes into whole implementation.

9mobile eSIM in details

Like the MTN eSIM service, 9mobile’s eSIM could be gotten for free and the operator benevolently promises a 7GB data bonus for all subscribers who embrace the technology.

9mobile eSIM

Internet connection is required in order to activate an eSIM and those of 9mobile is not an exception. Also needed is your sim details and means of identification. The following are the smartphones which support the eSIM innovation from 9mobile and they are similar to MTN’s:

BrandCompatible Phones
GooglePixel 3, 3 XL
Pixel 4, 4 XL
AppleiPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max
iPhone XS, XS Max
iPhone XR
SamsungSamsung S20 Series

Steps to activate a 9mobile eSIM

Subscribers are to visit a nearby 9Mobile Experience Centres (these locations are detailed in the operator’s portal) and request for an eSIM activation.  Upon making the request, a QR code will be provided and you’re to scan and download the eSIM profile. The process of downloading and installation of the profile would be assisted by an agent present at the centre.

After that, one would be required to undergo SIM registration, as required of all new SIM cards. It should be noted that only subscribers with supported devices are eligible for eSIM activation.

Swapping of a line from a regular SIM card to an eSIM and vice versa is possible, given that all proof of ownership of a line is tendered at the experience centre.

End note

The 9mobile eSIM shares similarities to those MTN released months ago. However, the green-branded operator technically stands to gain more from this innovation.

The statistics from the national regulator, the NCC, shows that about 6,242 subscribers ported into 9mobile in July against MTN’s 2,840. Although Airtel had a better 10,078 port-ins in the month, they are yet to float the eSIM technology. As such, with this advantage and given that the eSIM technology give a subscriber the ease of switching effortlessly between carriers, 9mobile would likely be on the gain if there’s a wholly implementation of the technology.

MTN had their eSIM on a trial, but 9mobile hasn’t towed that line, if what they’ve released on media is to go by. The 9mobile brand has always been skeptical about their products and releases, fortunately this isn’t one among such. They’ve come out clean on the information about the eSIM. Additionally, on a good note, the report listed for August shows that the operator has gained significant numbers of subscribers against recent losses. 9mobile is Nigeria’s fourth placed telecom operator by subscriber size. Get more detailed description about the eSIM technology in Nigeria at a dedicated page for such.


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