Top 9mobile bonuses on purchasing Samsung Galaxy S20 Series

9mobile targets high-end smartphones in offering interesting benefits to millions of its subscribers. Essentially, 9mobile bonuses improve the value of the smartphone, allowing buyers to enjoy long-term data bonus and other awesome features.

Recently, the smartphone giant has targeted the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. As such, it has rolled out a series of interesting benefits for buyers.

The Galaxy S20 Series

Samsong Galaxy S20 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S20 series is a series of high-end Galaxy smartphones with cutting-edge features and advanced technologies. S20 needs no introduction; its ultra-modern camera with a whopping 108 megapixels brings a new life to photography. As wonderful as these are, they are just the tip of the iceberg and 9mobile benefits add to the juice.

There are three variants of smartphones in the S20 series:

With a 5,000mAh battery capacity, quick charge, and wireless charge, Ultra S20’s intelligent battery allows users to go on and on. And with storage up to 1.5TB, there is no limit to the number of pictures that can be stored in your device.

The S20 series is secure, robust, and makes use of advanced AI systems for improved usability and efficiency.

The 9mobile Bonuses for S20 Series

9mobile bonuses

On purchasing a Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone with a 9mobile SIM, you will get instant bonuses as well as long-term bonuses as enumerated below.

  • You’ll get a 7GB data instantly. The data can be used for any purpose from browsing to streaming and downloading.
  • Together with the instant 7GB data, you will also get a one-year data bonus. The one-year data bonus is a monthly reward that offers a 100% bonus of any data value you purchase. For instance, if you purchase 2GB in a month, 9mobile will reward you with extra 2GB data, bringing your total data to 4GB.
  • 9mobile bonuses on the S20 series also includes 4 months of free YouTube premium subscription. This eliminates ad interruption when watching YouTube videos and allows users to play videos in the background and even use YouTube offline. With the YouTube premium subscription, you can download videos and music with ease.

In a nutshell, 9mobile bonuses on the S20 series offers an interesting way to save money while making use of premium features. With YouTube premium, you have a huge edge over casual users and you’ll also enjoy huge data bonuses.


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