9mobile 4G — bundles, benefits, frequency band and settings

9mobile 4G allows subscribers to enjoy high speed broadband connectivity although in select locations.

The 9mobile brand was the third to launch a 4G service in the country, howbeit, the brand currently stays at spot four among the four telecom operators which have national spread in Africa’s largest telecom market — Nigeria. The brand is more likely to stay at that spot for a longer time as recent metrics from the Nigeria communication commission, the body saddled with the responsibility of regulating the activities of telcos, shows a declining number of subscribers for this particular operator. Presently, the operator boasts of about 12,111,674 subscribers representing a 6.18% market share.

9mobile 4G

The telecom operator which recently in June hired a new and substantive Chief Executive Officer — Alan Sinfield — had in recent years been embroiled in series of difficulties. Prominent of which was its debts and management hassles. Initially branded Etisalat and owned by the UAE firm EMTS, the company ran into losses and was unable to repair its debts.

This forced the parent company out of the country, leaving behind its infrastructures. The telecom operator which of recent had a substantial management, was during its uncertainty period managed by an interim committee. Despite the seeming positive decision, the telco has continued to witness huge loss of subscribers on its network and this downward trajectory seems unseizing.

9mobile 4G in details — frequency

9mobile in October 2016 launched its LTE service in the 1800 MHz frequency. It acquired a 10Mhz channel width in the frequency for an undisclosed fee.
The 1800MHz (band 3) is the most popular global band for LTE in the world, probably given its potency. The 1800MHz band is popularly used for 4G connections due to its unique capability to handle 4G traffic.

Now, it is a known fact that lower frequencies allow carriers to provide coverage over a larger area, while higher frequencies allow carriers to provide service to more customers in a smaller area. The 1800MHz frequency band is neither a high frequency band nor a much low frequency band, but sits conveniently within the middle. This unique feature allows more coverage to be made using the band, as well as its potency rendition.

9mobile 4G benefits

To be frank, aside a promise of a swift and efficient broadband network, there are no other direct benefits of the 9mobile 4G.

This is inconsiderate considering the benefits accrued on switching to the Airtel LTE service which gives a 4GB free data upon making such switch.

Like the Glo 4G service which offers no data bonus upon making a switch, the 9mobile brand offers some other benefits particularly in the aspect of calls. The 9mobile MoreCliq package is the cheapest tariff plan for calls, as it offers a 26.3 minutes of call time upon a N100 recharge.

Etisalat now 9mobile

The international calling plans from the telecom operator is also relatively okay.


Unlike other major telecom operators in the country, 9mobile doesn’t require you to make a SIM swap before you could experience its 4G broadband service, if paraventure you don’t possess a 4G branded subscriber module. However, according to 9mobile its LTE service comes automatically enabled with any of its SIM cards provided your device is LTE capable and in an area covered by 4G. SIM card swaps would become extinct with the wholly adoption of the new eSIM technology.

Activating the access point settings of your phone is the next requirement in engineering your device for 4G receptivity. This can be done automatically by requesting for the internet browsing settings through texting “settings” as an SMS to 790. This is done with zero airtime charge.

However, if your device couldn’t automatically receive the update or it hasn’t been delivered to the device, you can manually set it up by accessing the access point settings of your device through its mobile networks navigation. Add the following as APN:

  • Account name: 9mobile internet
  • Username: (please leave it blank)
  • Password: (please leave it blank)
  • Access point name (apn): 9mobile
  • Home page: http://mobile.9mobile.com.ng
  • IP address:


Like every other telecom operator in the country, one can’t keep track of 9mobile 4G locations, that is, you can’t get a list of all their 4G coverage locations without having to update them regularly. If ever that could be done, it would be painstaking, you should agree.

Nevertheless, recently, the telecom operator invested about $220 million to extend its 4G network in Lagos, Abuja, Aba, Nasarawa and some twelve other Nigerian cities. This is the recent of its much immersive developments in 4G across the country.

If you’re uncertain about the coverage of 9mobile’s 4G service in your location, verify with the operator through any of its query means.

9mobile 4G

9mobile 4G — End Note

Despite its recent run out of luck and perpetual losses, the 9mobile telecom service is still one of the best in its location of coverage. Its cheap data plans is still within the floors and roofs of the NCC allowable volume. These bundles are usable on the telco’s 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

9mobile’s 1800MHz frequency band, which is quite popular, enables majority of smartphones to be eligible for its 4G service. Subscribers would have little to worry about matching the frequency to those of their newly purchased phones, as most devices comes supportive of the frequency.

The 4G service from 9mobile has been generally reported to be effective in the areas of its coverage. These locations are assuredly going to be few given the minimal numbers of base stations owned by the telco.


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