7 foremost tech bloggers in Nigeria

Tech BloggersTechnology is significant in any economy and it is closely connected with growth and development. Therefore, because of its immense benefits, it should be boosted in any way possible and blogging about it is certainly one of such ways.

Developing nations like Nigeria should invest tangible fractions of their investment in technology. One of the ways to invest is by creating a platform to expose latest tech developments and entertain people about new inventions. Blogging is one of the platforms that some Nigerians have chosen to educate and entertain people on tech matters. Below are 7 influential tech bloggers.

1. TechCabal

TechCabal Blog is owned by Bankole Oluwafemi and was majorly created to discuss technological developments connected with local matters. Also, he is known for encouraging fledgling tech bloggers by adding submission page for start ups. He has a forum connected to his blog to discuss new tech ideas. It should be noted that he also created content platforms like Zikoko.com.

2. OgbongeBlog

It was created in 2008 by Jide Ogunsanya; a finalist for the social media Africa n 2014. He won the blogger of the year award amongst others. His tech site occupies a top position in the tech blogging world. His blog targets mostly youth and young adults and anyone interested in technology and earning money online.

3. TechLoy

The next dominant tech blogger is Loy Okezie. He is one of the few bloggers whose blog was decorated by Forbes magazine. Okezie’s blog extends beyond the shores of Nigeria, to other countries, making his a pan-African blog. The blogger is specially known for his impartial reports about the technology condition in Africa; and he targets any tech-bias individuals across Africa.

4. Misstechy

If you are an ardent reader of this blog owned surprisingly by a Covenant university young female graduate, Tobi Ayeni, you would have discovered that she delivers her brand of technological information with an impressive aplomb; therefore, you won’t be wrong if you called her blog the most sophisticated. Are you young and vibrant requiring in-depth knowledge of technology? Then check out Misstechy.

5. Yomi Prof

Here is another influential blogger, Yomi, whose blogging ability hinges on technological and wealth creation issues. His influence and in-depth knowledge in the technology world and the art of utilizing it to generate income allowed him to create a forum of tech-savvy readers.

6. Ahmsta

This blog is owned by Olayinka Bolaji, he writes basically about technology, search engine optimization, and mobile. He does his job so well that he won an award for his effort. The blog mostly targets people who are interested in earning income through internet marketing.

7. Roberta Edu YouTube tech video blog

Roberta Edu is innovative and that is why she chose another path of blogging which is video blogging. She has hosted imminent and influential Nigerian personalities as well as startups in her video tech blog “The Break Digit Show”. Apart from hosting her own blog, she is also a guest blogger on TechTrends Nigeria Blog.

Well, this is our list of influential tech bloggers in Nigeria. What is your opinion? Do let us know; and also don’t forget to share this page.


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