Next Generation 4G ISPs in Nigeria

4G ISPs in NigeriaCompetition in the internet service in Nigeria heats up and now the mark is being set and reset by internet service providers that started with 4G technology from the beginning.

In Nigeria now apart from the telcos that provide basic internet services, there are stand alone internet service providers. In this article we will look at three competitors:

  1. Smile Network: this is the baby of the pack but they came out with a big bang introducing the widest internet network coverage of them all. Although they were first restricted to Oyo state they have branched out to many areas in Nigeria which means that they have a broad coverage of Nigeria while having one of the fastest services available. Find Smile data plans here.
  2. Spectranet: this is one of the internet service providers that came up with 4G LTE (long term evolution) technology first and they are currently servicing Lagos, Abuja, Ibadan and Port Harcourt. Before they had different data allowances per region but since March 2016 they offer their unified new data plan. Find Spectranet data plans here.
  3. Swift Networks: this company is one of the pioneers of the internet service providers and one of the first to get a fixed wireless access from the Nigerian telecommunication commission. Swift also operates on the LTE service but only covers areas in Lagos. Find Swift data plans here.

What to expect from each 4G ISPs

No one provider is perfect to be quite candid. Spectranet finally unified their data plan (they charged different prices per region before). Smile has the fastest internet service which is so fast that even the subscriber finds it hard to shut their mouths when they hear that their data is finished.

However, to be fair, these companies are also making life a lot easier for Nigerians who need bulk internet plans and fast data connections.

If you compare their pricing with the latest data offensive of the well known 3G players MTN, Airtel, Glo and Etisalat it may look expensive.

But if you live in a Smile, Spectranet or Swift coverage area you should try the 4G technology which means faster response times for websites and ultra-fast download speeds.

Traditional mobile telecommunication networks are doing their best in providing internet service, but their best is at most basic. When it comes to enjoying complete internet experience, dedicated ISP companies are your best choice.


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