4 Easy Ways to Buy Data on Glo

buy glo data

According to Daily Trust, in 2017, Nigerians spent 197 billion per month to buy data.

Let’s face it, Glo could sometimes be funny. If you are a Glo user, you could have noticed that some of its codes, USSDs, and even websites may become unavailable for no just cause. Just recently, the hsi.glo.com not available for weeks. Pathetic, isn’t it?

While most Nigerians are sick and tired of Glo, its affordable cost of data and even its Nigerian origin keep drawing Glo faithful to its service. Make no mistakes, Glo has a lot of upsides that could turn a critic into a faithful in a day.

But before you start using Glo, you need to arm yourself with vital information about the network. Most importantly, you should know the various ways to buy data on Glo. These are discussed below.

Buy Data with *777#

Glo *777# became popular about 4-5 years ago when the network starting offering highly affordable data plans. Funnily, some subscribers did not know that it is just an alternative way to the already existing methods of purchasing data.

Moreover, this method makes data purchase easy but it can also be used to top-up airtime, purchase caller tunes, borrow credit and data, leverage voice offers and campus boosters, to mention a few.

“Buy Data” is the option number 1 in the list and once selected, you can access various plan types such as daily, weekly, monthly and even mega plan. You can follow the prompt to buy your preferred data plan.

Buy Data with Glo HSI

Hsi.glo.com provides an excellent way to purchase data on the network. It provides an elegant interface, making it easy for subscribers to choose the data volume of their choice right from the platform.

Furthermore, if you don’t have enough airtime to purchase data, you can easily top-up right on the hsi.glo.com platform. This makes it easy to buy data on the go, anywhere and anytime.

Glo HSI also makes it easy to choose various plans as it provides a simple description of each plan and their accompanying benefits.

Buy Data on USSD with 127

127 is not a convenient way to buy data but it may come handy in an emergency. Unlike *777# that returns a menu, *127# returns an error. To purchase data through this USSD code, you must know the exact code for the specific data of your choice.

For instance, if you want to purchase Glo 1.6GB, you need to dial *127*53#; for 3.6GB, dial *127*55#, and so on.

Purchase Data with SMS

SMS is a quick and easy way to purchase data. Moreover, the purchase does not attract any SMS charge. Furthermore, this is an interesting way to go if the two USSD methods and hsi.glo.com fail. You can purchase data of any value and amount through this method.

The figure below summarizes the 127 USSD and SMS data purchase methods.

table buy data on Glo

Visit Glo World to view more USSD and SMS codes to purchase data. In conclusion, if you a Glo subscriber, you need to know various ways to buy data. This will save you a lot of stress in an emergency, especially when the network fluctuates or becomes unavailable.


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