GloGlobacom has soared high in their aspiration to build Africa’s biggest and best telecommunications network with millions of subscribers in Nigeria, Republic of Benin and Ghana.

Glo Nigeria made history as the first single company to build a high-capacity sub marine fibre-optic cable, popularly known as Glo-1, the first successful submarine cable from the United Kingdom to Nigeria; with the attendant high increases in internet speeds and download rates with resultant significant improvements in online technologies.

All Glo Data Plans

Plan NamePriceDataValidityTelephonyDetailsActivation
Glo 1 Day Pack₦ 5030 MB1 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*14#
Glo CAMPUS Data BOOSTER₦ 100100 MB2 DaysYesShow moreDial *777# and choose N100 campus booster plan.
Glo Instant Surf₦ 10060 MB1 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*51#
Glo N200_NIGHT_PLAN₦ 2001 GBOtherYesShow moreDial *127*60#
Glo Smallie₦ 200200 MB5 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*56#
Glo CAMPUS Data BOOSTER₦ 200200 MB4 DaysYesShow moreDial *777# and choose N200 campus booster plan.
Glo TGIF – N500_WEEKEND_PLAN₦ 5003 GBOtherYesShow moreDial *127*61#
Glo Big Week₦ 5001.6 GB7 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*57#
Glo CAMPUS Data BOOSTER₦ 500500 MB7 DaysYesShow moreDial *777# and choose N500 campus booster plan.
Glo Always Micro₦ 10003.2 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*53#
Glo CAMPUS Data BOOSTER₦ 10001 GB15 DaysYesShow moreDial *777# and choose N1000 campus booster plan
Glo My Phone₦ 20007.5 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*55#
Glo CAMPUS Data BOOSTER₦ 20002 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *777# and choose N2000 campus booster plan
Glo So Special₦ 250010 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*58#
Glo Always Macro₦ 300012 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*54#
Glo N4,000 Data Plan₦ 400018 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*59#
Glo Always Min₦ 500024 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*2#
Glo G-Leisure₦ 500012 GBOtherYesShow moreDial *127*7#
Glo CAMPUS Data BOOSTER₦ 50005 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *777# and choose N5000 campus booster plan
Glo G-Work₦ 600012 GBOtherYesShow moreDial *127*6#
Glo G 100₦ 60004 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*5#
Glo Always Max₦ 800048 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*1#
Glo Gold₦ 1500060 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*12#
Glo G 300₦ 1500012 GB3 MonthsYesShow moreDial *127*4#
Glo Platinum₦ 1800090 GB30 DaysYesShow moreDial *127*13#

Dedicated Internet Devices

Device NamePriceSpeedTypeTelephonyDetails
Glo 7.2 mbps Modem₦ 39907372 Kbit/sUSB-StickNoShow more
Glo 21.6 mbps Modem₦ 599922118 Kbit/sUSB-StickNoShow more
Glo Mobile Wifi₦ 1500022118 Kbit/sWifi-ModemNoShow more

Glo Auto-Renewal

Your active data bundle will be automatically renewed at the end of the validity period if you have enough airtime credit.

To turn-off Glo auto-renewal, text 'Cancel' to 127. Your current data subscription will not be disabled but continue until the end of the validity period without being automatically renewed.

Data Rollover

Data Rollover allows you to ‘roll over’ any unused portions of your remaining data volumes from your subscription. Whenever you renew your subscription or subscribe to another plan before the current subscription expires, the unused portion of the remaining volume is carried forward and added to the volume of the new subscription and the validity also extended as the validity of the new subscription is added to the current subscription.

Glo Data Share

You can now share your data plans with friends, family and loved ones. You can buy a data plan and share with your wife and 2 kids instead of buying four different data plans. Anyone you share with gets notified via sms with immediate access to the internet.

How to Share
• To ADD people to share dial *127*01*[friend’s number]# or Send “Share [friend’s number]” to 127.
e.g. Dial *127*01*0805XXXXXXX# or Send Share 0805XXXXXXX to 127.

• To REMOVE people from sharing, dial *127*02*[friend’s number]# OR Send “Remove [friend’s number]” to 127
e.g. Dial *127*02*0805XXXXXXX# or Send Remove 0805XXXXXXX to 127.

• To LIST PEOPLE sharing your subscription, dial *127*00# or Send “List” to 127

• Alternatively, visit from your device (using Glo SIM) and use the sharing feature

Data Gifting

You can also buy a subscription and send it to friends, family and loved ones as ‘gifts’. This feature is especially useful if you don’t want to share your subscription with the intended recipient. The gift recipient will be notified via customized SMS.

How to Gift a Data plan

To GIFT a subscription: Dial *127*[USSD_Plan_Number]*[friend’s number]#
or Send “Gift [friend’s number]” to 127

Visit from your device (using Glo SIM) and use the gifting feature

Other features:

Customers can also view their transaction history on the portal, generate invoices of their transactions and view status of all their plans among other things.

Check Data Balance

For Glo mobile data plan text 'Info' to 127 to get information about data usage
For Glo BIS (Blackberry) subscription text 'Status' to 777 to get information about data usage

Glo Internet Settings

Text 'ACTIVATE' to 444 using a 3g mobile phone.

Account name: Glo Flat
Access point name: gloflat
IP Address:
Port: 3130
Username: flat
Password: flat