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How To Boost Coverage Signal From Home: The ideal poor coverage Home Doctor

network coverage

Despite the number of network towers that has been mounted and expansion of coverage areas, the problem of bad cell phone signal still persist in Nigeria, why and what is the possible solution? The problem of bad cell phone signal

How To Make Your Data Bundle Last Longer With Your PC

If you are having a data consumption usage dilemma that is giving you so much cause for concern, you can now control it; learn how to make your data bundle last longer when using the internet. If you are like

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Cortana Magic: Discover The Personal Intelligent Assistant Features In Your Phone


Have you ever wondered why your phone can do so much? The reasons are many and dependent on the kind of applications your device is fitted with. In the case of Cortana, you will discover a virtual super-efficient personal assistant

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The Easiest Way To Print Documents With Android Phones

Google Cloud Print

Have you ever desired to have your own printing system using your phone? Desire granted, you can now use your phone to start printing now! I believe that the next breakthrough App that will revolutionize phone experience will be made

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