Why You Should Opt for Glo MiFi

Glo is undeniably the data giant in Nigeria. Glo MiFi is a device that allows subscribers to browse, download and surf the internet on Glo 4G LTE.

Glo MiFi

Features of Glo MiFi

Glo MiFi is Glo’s mini router that makes connecting with other devices not only seamless but also highly efficient. The MiFi can connect to 15 devices and still maintains a high level of speed and efficiency. The devices could include tablets, laptops, desktop, and other devices.

The MiFi offers an unparallel advantage and with Glo’s unmatched data plans, you can enjoy a lot of added benefits.

The 4G Glo MiFi is able to achieve unmatched speed, not just because it is a 4G LTE device but because of the Glo advantage.

An interesting advantage of the Glo 4G Mi-Fi is the power accorded by the Glo high-speed internet backed up by the network’s transatlantic submarine cable, known as Glo1.

Benefits of Glo MiFi

Glo extends its threshold of awesome offers to its customers by offering a whopping 16GB of data with the Glo MiFi. The 16GB is spread over 12 months upon activation; this means that you will receive a data value of 1.33 GB every month.

Furthermore, with the mini router, you can enjoy all the lucrative data plans available in the network. In other words, you can recharge with Glo cheap bundles as low as N100 and as high as N20,000.

Also, Glo Mi-Fi offers a similar benefit to the normal Glo line. The MiFi contains Glo SIM and you can easily change the SIM if you want. The major difference between browsing with the MiFi and another device is the speed, connectivity and extra data bonus accorded by the MiFi.

Managing and Operating Glo MiFi

Glo Mi-Fi can be operated on phones or on systems. Once the WiFi device is connected to the system, you can dial to access the MiFi interface and manage the features.

You can manage the MiFi device on phone with the Huawei HiLink. This provides a seamless interface for managing the Wi-Fi extender, Guest WiFi, mobile data and so forth. The Glo MiFi can be used for personal and business purposes and it functions efficiently.


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