Glo Infinito

Glo InfinitoAs a network that lives where you live and knows your mobile telephony needs, Globacom has created the Glo Infinito as a simple prepaid plan with attractive calling rates to ANY network and the cheapest calling rate to reach out to your family, friends and associates. Glo Infinito is a unique and simple prepaid tariff plan with no hidden charges, no rental payments and no conditions.

Flat Calling rate of 20K/s enables you to call ANY network in Nigeria at 20K/s from 1st to the last second of your call
Family and Friends rate of 11k/s means you can call 10 frequently called family, friends and associates at 11k/s once you register such numbers.

How to Migrate
To migrate, dial *100*9*2#

How to add 10 frequently called family and friends
Dial *101*1*Mobile No#.



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