Glo 11k/s prepaid plan

glo 11k prepaid planThe Glo 11k/s prepaid plan is the cheapest in the market. It is an exciting proposition offering the best calling rates of 11k/s to ANYONE ANYWHERE in Nigeria.
New and existing Prepaid customers on the Glo network are to migrate to this profile by dialing *100*6*1# to start enjoying amazing calling rate to ALL networks in Nigeria and selected international destinations.

Dial *100*6*1# to enjoy the following on the new plan:
· Onnet calling rate: 11K/s
· Offnet calling rate: 11K/s
· Selected international destinations- US, UK (land lines), India, Canada & China @ 20K/s
· SMS(Local): N4
· SMS(International): N10
· Daily access fee: N5

Daily access fee of ₦5 is charged on the first call of the day and is valid till 11.59pm each day

Glo 11k/s prepaid call plan FAQs

1. What is the Glo 11K/s plan?
It is a an exciting prepaid plan offering the best calling rates to customers with very attractive calling rates of 11K/s to ALL networks and 20K/s to popular international destinations.

2. Who can avail of the Glo 11K/s plan?
All new and existing prepaid customers

3. How do I migrate to Glo 11K/s plan?
Dial *100*6*1# and when asked for the confirmation press 1

4. How much do I pay for calls on this plan?
· Onnet call rate:11K/s
· Offnet call rate:11K/s
· International calls to popular destinations-USA, UK landlines, Canada, China and India: 20K/s

5. What is the SMS rate for Glo 11K/s plan?
· On-net SMS: N4/SMS
· Off-net SMS: N4/SMS
· International: N10/SMS

6. Is there a rental fee on Glo 11K/s plan?
Glo 11K/s plan attracts a daily rental fee of N5 which is charged on the first call of the day.

7. Will I be charged N5 rent if I only send SMS or browse?
No. Rental fee of N5 is only charged on your first voice call of the day. The rent will not be charged if you don’t make a call.

8. Will the daily rent be deducted if my first call of the day is an international call?
The daily rental fee of N5 will be charged on the first call of the day irrespective of the destination of the call.

9. Do I need to do anything extra before I can enjoy the discounted International calling rate to the popular destinations?
No. All your calls to USA, UK landlines, Canada, China and India will be charged at 20K/s once you have successfully migrated to Glo 11K/s plan.

10. What happens if my credit balance is below N5 on any morning?
Rent will not be deducted and your calls will be charged at 25K/s.

11. Can existing customers migrate to the new Glo 11K/s plan?
Yes. Existing customers can migrate to the plan using the USSD code *100*6*1#

12. Will new activations enjoy this tariff and benefits by default?
No. New activations are on a default tariff of Infinito. New as well as existing customers will have to dial the USSD migration code *100*6*1# to migrate to Glo 11K/s plan.

13. Will I be charged for migrating to Glo 11K/s plan?
a) The first profile migration is FREE on the network
b) Only one FREE profile migration is allowed within 30 days
c) Migration fee of N100 will be charged on more than one migration within 30 days

14. How can I de-register from the Glo 11K/s plan?
By dialing the respective USSD code of the new package to which you want to migrate.

15. What will happen to customers’ main account and promo account balance on migration?
Customer will lose ONLY the balance in the promo account on migration.

16. Can a Glo 11K/s plan customer buy Biigy Packs?
Yes you can. Dial *170*1#, *170*2# and *170*3# for the N100, N300 and N500 packs respectively.

17. Is Glo 11K/s plan a promotional offer?
No, Glo 11K/s plan is a prepaid tariff plan

18. When is the Glo 11K/s plan ending?
Glo 11K/s plan has no end date as it is a prepaid plan and not a promotional offer



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